Sales Agreement

Sales Contract

Article 1: Common Rules 2.1. The whole payments of the products that are listed at are going to be payed by the customers including the delivery of the products. The deadline of the delivery of the products and the producers’ commercial name and the address is going to be accepted by the customer. The customer promises that he has read all this information in the web site and accepts them all.

When the customer accepts this rule, by all means, he accepts all the necessary information like the address, the main features of the product, tax included prices of the products, the payment and the delivery issues that are mentioned by the seller.

2.2. The product that is mentioned in the contract, due to the distance of the buyers’ address, will be delivered within 30 days. All shipment fees will be paid by the buyer.

2.3. If the product will be received by another third person of company and if they do not accept to receive the product it is not in the sellers’ responsibility.

2.4. When a problem occurs during the delivery of the product due to the fault of the shipment company, it is not in the sellers’ responsibility.

2.5. The seller is responsible of the products delivery in time, without any damage, compatible with the order.

2.6. The seller is responsible of providing another product with the equal quality and equal price when a just reason is explained by the buyer.

2.7. When the seller is incapable of delivering the product, due to the pursuance responsibilities, the seller informs the buyer about the situation and provides another product with equal price and quality.

2.8. For any reasons if the payment of the product is not done or the seller is not responsible for delivering the product.

2.9. After the delivery of the product, if any third parties uses the buyers’ credit card illegally or if the buyer does not pay the price of the product, he should send back the product to the seller within 3 days. In this case, the shipment cost is paid by the buyer.

2.10. The 18% tax addition (KDV) is not included in our self-made products. If the buyer wants to purchase these products he need to pay extra 18% tax price in addition.

In case of extraordinary situations such as bad weather conditions or any disaster if the seller cannot be able to deliver the product he must inform the buyer about the situation. If the buyer cancels the order, the seller pays back the amount.

The payments done with the bank cards are paid back to the buyer within seven days.

Article 2: The right of back down

The buyer has the legal right to back down within 30 days when the product is delivered to his address.

For being able to use the back down right, the buyer must inform the seller via telephone, fax or email and the product must be unused and undamaged, ready to be sold again.

a) The invoice of the product is needed for the back down process

b) A return sheet is needed

c) The buyer should return the product with its boxes, bags or any other accessories undamaged and unharmed within 7 days.

Article 3: Late Payment of the Buyer

In case of a late payment conditions of the buyer, the buyer accepts to pay the loss of the seller because of this late payment.

Article 4: Authorized Court

In this contract, Consumer Judge Committees and Consumer Courts are in charge. The buyer must accept all the articles of this contract as it is.

Article 5: Cancelling the Order

The order of the unpaid products within 7 days are automatically cancelled.